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Laboratoire Chrono-environnement - UMR 6249 CNRS-UFC

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    Macha WORONOFF
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    Renaud SCHEIFLER
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    Sylvie DAMY
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    Jean-Daniel TISSOT
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    Chrono-Environnement laboratory

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Privacy statement for the Wildlife Toxicology Interest Group Database website, a website from the University of Franche-Comté Our commitment to privacy.

The University of Franche-Comté is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy as a visitor to our website at WTAGdatabase.univ-fcomte.fr. We take the issue of privacy very seriously and value the trust you place in us each time you use our services and access this website. This Privacy Statement describes the practices and policies we have put into place to safeguard your personal information that may be gathered and used as you visit our website. This notice describes how information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully. The statement may change from time to time so please check back periodically. If you have any questions about our privacy policies, we encourage you to contact us using any of the methods outlined at the end of our Privacy Statement.

University of Franche-Comté is collecting information on this website as outlined in this privacy statement.

Our web server automatically collects and records the following information:
  • The visitor's domain name, but not the e-mail address;
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  • The name and release number of web browser software used
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  • Date and time you access our site
  • The address of the website that linked to us (referrer URL)
  • Demographic information (age, gender and overview of traffic by age and gender)
  • Overview of traffic by affinity, in-Market and other categories
Permission-based collection of information:

In our database, you will be asked to volunteer personal information such as your name, email, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and professional information such as the chemicals, sites, species you work on/with. People that have agreed to voluntarily provide such information are hereafter named “Registered users”.

The information we obtain when you volunteer personal information is used in the following ways:
  • To improve the Wildlife Toxicology Interest Group Database
  • To propose, to everybody, to search for and to download as a map file or as a list file, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and professional information of registered users
  • To propose, to registered users only, to search for and to download as a map file or as a list file, name, email, affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and professional information of registered users

The personally identifiable information gathered during your visit to this website is not shared with any organization for any purpose.

Review of personal information

Upon request we provide site visitors with access to:

  • Unique identifier information (e.g., Customer number or password) that we maintain about them
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  • Contact information (e.g., Name, address, phone number) that we maintain about them
  • A description of information that we maintain about them
How to access and correct personal information

Consumers can access and request correction to this information by sending us e-mail to that effect at: webmaster@univ-fcomte.fr

Many websites now use cookies to provide useful features to their visitors by providing customizable and personalized services. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. For example, a website may use cookies to store and sometimes track information about you, your preferences, or the pages you last visited. Your browser software can be set to reject all cookies, or to ask you if you would like to accept or decline a cookie from a particular site before it is set. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject cookies in the Help section of the toolbar. You should know, however, that if you reject a cookie, certain functions and conveniences of a site may not work properly. We use cookies on our website for the following purposes:

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  • We will never link the cookie to your personal information

For certain advertising campaigns and general web traffic analysis, we will make use of 3rd party tracking solutions. Data collected by these 3rd parties on behalf of the University will not be used, either by us or the 3rd party, for any purposes other than those stated above.

Some websites require you to provide some personal information through a registration process in order to take advantage of certain website features and to access content areas. For example, a registration form might request your name, telephone number and e-mail address. You might also be asked to voluntarily provide a list of topics that you are interested in so your website experience can be customised to your specific interests and needs.

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We recognize that many people are concerned about the privacy and protection of information as it is transmitted over the Internet. You should keep in mind that the possibility exists for unauthorized individuals to intercept any email message you send over the Internet. In some cases, information can be encrypted (scrambled or encoded) to make it very difficult to read if it is intercepted during communication. Certain technology and practices allow websites to provide an increased level of security for your personal information when appropriate.

We use the following practices on our website to enhance the level of security for communication and the transmission of personal information:

  • We have taken reasonable steps to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personally identifiable information that you may provide
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